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Between Budapest and Vienna

 20-22 November 2009


Alon Reuven – horn
Gerhard Schulz – violin
Katharine Gowers – violin
Jan Soderblom – violin
Guy Ben Ziony – viola
Lilia Schulz Bayrova – cello
Ditta Rohmann – cello
Noam Greenberg – piano


Friday, 20th November 2009, 7:30 PM

Beethoven – Piano Trio in E flat major Op.1/1
Kurtág – Signs, Games and Messages for string trio
   Virág az ember, Mijakónak
   Hommage à J.S.B.
   Perpetuum mobile
   Ligatura Y
   Jelek VI
   A Very Slow Waltz for Walter Levin
   Hommage à Ránki György
   ...féerie d’automne…
Brahms – Piano Quartet in c minor Op.60

Saturday, 21st November 2009, 11 AM

Beethoven – Sonata for Horn and Piano in F major Op.17
Ligeti – Sonata for Solo Cello
Brahms – Trio for Piano, Viola and Cello

Saturday, 21st November 2009, 6:30 PM

Beethoven – Sonata for Cello and Piano in A major Op.69
Kurtág – Játékok for solo piano
   Pen Drawing, Valediction to Erzsébet Schaár
   Five-finger Play
   Shadow-play (2)
   Dialog for the 70th birthday of András Mihály (or: how can one answer to the same 4 sounds with       only 3)
   (… lovely greetings to Grete Spinnrad)
   The very last conversation with László Dörnyei
   Hommage à Ránki György
   Versetto: Temptavit Deus Abraham… (apocryphal organum)
   Hommage à Kurtág Márta
   Hommage à Farkas Ferenc (2) – Scraps of a colinda melody – faintly recollected
Kurtàg – Three Pieces for Violin and Piano Op.14e
Brahms – Piano Quartet in G minor Op.25

Sunday, 22nd November 2009, 3:30 PM

Beethoven – Sonata for Violin and Piano in F major Op.24
Ligeti – Trio for Violin, Horn and Piano
Brahms – Piano Quintet in F minor Op.34